Saturday, February 03, 2007

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Who Needs Paper

I had a lazy afternoon. I was tired and trying to rest in the big chair when Lucy came out of her room. She wanted to draw an elephant. I was able to reach over and grab a pen. But she wanted paper. I didn't want to move. So I let her draw on herself. She made a very cute smiley face on her belly. Then she made several pictures on belly, my legs, my arms. Who needs paper?

I used to let her use markers to color my pregnant belly. She commented today as she was drawing on me..."Just like when you had babies in there, Mommy." I love that she has that memory. I wonder if she remembers trying to feed the boys popcorn through my belly button?

For you, Dad

My dad loves it when people go to the grocery store in their pajamas. (I'm being VERY sarcastic.) Dad...thought of you the entire time I was at Fareway last night - in my pajamas.

My Brother...Gotta Love Him!

Jamie is Brave

He does this all the kids so I can get away. Tonight was no different. Lucy was screaming because I was leaving. Grace had a temperature of 103*. Vaughn...well is Vaughn. I take off for two hours to have dinner with a friend. I leave knowing these kids are being left behind with the greatest man I know. They played with hats and built tents and had fun. They love their daddy...who, by the way, is in their room sleeping with them right now.

Boys are having fun at Grandma's!




So with Lincoln and Gavin gone, I told Jamie that this is what our house would always be like if we hadn't had triplets. It's been strangely quiet. We both agree that we are glad we had three. We love them so much and can't imagine life without all five.

We're in the process of planning their first birthday party. I can hardly believe how close it is. Just over 2 months away. Isn't it amazing how quick a year goes by...but it feels like we've been doing this our whole lives. I think back to the day before I had the boys. I took the girls for a walk at Nana's house. I was barefoot and everyone thought I was crazy...and a bit amazed that I could still walk. I was a bit amazed too. Went into labor at Mom's house. Drove to Iowa City in the middle of the night. Was stopped by a tow truck pulling a car out of a ditch in front of a house that was completely engulfed in flames. I was having major contractions and knew we didn't have time for this delay. Got to the hospital and was dilated to a 7 already. The hospital lost my records. It was Easter Sunday. My regular high-risk doctor was on a cruise. The back up high-risk doctor is a Bishop and wouldn't be working that day because it was Easter. I start crying because my records are lost, my doctors are gone, and no one knows that I'm supposed to deliver c-section. I can't believe what a blur it all is now. After an hour of just me and Jamie and a nurse...we suddently get swarmed. People needing signatures, giving me an IV, checking my cervix, and poking me everywhere. Isn't it amazing how when you're feeling so miserable it doesn't matter who sees you naked. The low point of the delivery...the spinal block. They wouldn't let Jamie come in which made me nervous because it was during the epidural for Grace that my heart rate and her heart rate dropped so low that several people rushed in the room and about did a c-section to get her out. But I'm leaning over the bed, as best I can with three babies in my belly, and I get a contraction. Tears are streaming down my face. The nurse has the anathesiologist wait. Then when the contraction is over he tries again. I start crying. The nurse asks if I'm having another contraction and I bawl, "I'm not ready for three babies". She says "you'll do just fine". And I bitterly think, "How do you know, you don't know me?" and "Easy for you to say." But she was just trying to be sensitive. Finally they get me doped up, stripped down, and covered with a blue sheet. They let Jamie back in the room. But he has to go straight to the seat they have waiting for him next to my head. The only people I see are him, another anethesiologist, and a couple people over my left shoulder. He says there are several people around my belly. I go from having a high risk a resident doctor. Yes, a resident delivered my babies. There were actually at least three doctors that I couldn't see. The resident who delivered the boys, the main doctor that the resident looked at to be sure she was doing ok, and another doctor Jamie believes to be a resident by the way he was "hands off" and just watching. Each baby was handed off to a team of four nurses. He said there were at least 20 people total. Jamie kept peaking over the blue sheet. He said when the doctor pulled Gavin out he was still in his amniotic sac. And when she tried to pull Vaughn out, he was stuck. So she put him back. She looked at the main doctor and he nodded his head like "keep going". So she picked him up and pulled harder and he came out. I remember very little. I remember my body being shaken from all the pulling of babies and pulling apart of my belly (skin). I didn't feel it, but my body was being shaken back and if you're on a really bumpy road. I also remember that it took FOREVER for her to sew me back up. I was feeling very nauseous from the drugs.

Then I spent the next 28 days in and out of the hospital with these beautiful little boys. I started pumping every 1 1/2 - 2 hours during the day and every three hours overnight so that I could train my body to produce enough milk for three babies. At first it was only an ounce or two. I didn't ever think I'd produce enough. But it gradually increased. The most I've ever pumped is 28 ounces...but I produced 20 ounces on a regular basis once I got established (that is 2 full baby bottles). Then to bring those little guys home and try to figure out that schedule. The first three weeks we had grandparents with us, helping us feed babies around the clock. The next two months we had volunteers come in and feed babies - every feeding but the 2 am one. By the third month we were eliminating the 2am feeding. Then somewhere around 5 months they were sleeping from 8 pm - 6 am. And by sleeping I mean not eating. With three babies using pacifiers, we are up a lot in the middle of the night putting them back in their mouths. Didn't start solids until about 6 months. The boys started learning to roll...and then crawl. Vaughn still doesn't crawl...but he loves his Johnny Jump Up and he talks a lot more. We still have people who come over and help during the week to give us a couple hours without kids. They've been brave and stuck with us...becoming our family here.

I can't believe how much our lives have changed over these past 9 months. So's gone by quickly but seems like we've been doing it forever. Every time we feel like we get on schedule...the schedule changes. But boy, I can't imagine life any other way. I can't imagine if we only had three instead of five. Weird.

Smart AND Curious

On the way home today, Lucy and I were talking about a book she had. I told her she was very smart. She said that she is smart AND curious. Made me laugh. Then she said, "And I've never been curious before." So I asked her what curious meant. She said curious like Curious George. (BTW-Not the book we were talking about.)

She Says the Sweetest Things

Today Lucy crawled in my lap and said, "Mommy, you're the beautiful woman in the world." It melted my heart.

I told Jamie I hope she meant "most" beautiful and not "least" beautiful :)

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Jackie and Brad

Jackie and Brad came over last night. I completely forgot they were coming. The house was a huge disaster like always. But they came...and we left. In all the excitement we didn't know what to do. Didn't really want to spend any money - so we went to Walmart. I should clarify that we didn't want to spend money on a movie or out for dinner. Of course we spent money at wal-mart...2 large cans of formula, 2 clear storage totes, 3 $1 DVD movie's for the girls, ear thermometer covers and 2 cases of water. It's pretty bad when the cart gal recognizes you.

Came home and watched American Idol with Jackie and Brad. Our kids were being very loud and obnoxious. Jackie and Brad spoiled them with food, diapers and a book. Our children are very blessed to have so many people in their lives who love them.

Who is that woman?

Mom took 2 boys for 2 nights. Lucy and Grace are sleeping. I put Vaughn in the exersaucer in the bathroom so I could take a bath. Been a while :) He was busy playing and then all the sudden noticed me. He just was staring at me. So I started to talk to him...and he started to scream. Apparently he didn't recognize me.

Mom said he did the same thing to her a couple of weeks ago when she colored her hair. Funny.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Squeaky Shoes

I love Gracie's squeaky shoes. Lucy had a pair. I buy them for baby shower gifts. I love squeaky shoes.

We put them on Grace when we go to the mall or somewhere where we want to know where she is at all times. We do not let her wear them at home. They squeak. With every step - they squeak.

Squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak

It really can be annoying. But I LOVE them!

I love more that they are made by women in China and that all the proceeds go to support orphanages all over the world.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pee Pee in the Potty

Gracie continues to go pee pee - mainly when she's in the tub...she just hops out and goes. One of these days Jamie and I will take the time to actually try to train her...unless she trains herself before we get to it!! She is severely confused about pee pee and poopy though...she always has to go "poopy...but it's really pee.

Go Dogs Go!

The girls LOVE this book by P.D. Eastman. In the book there are two dogs that always run into each is always wearing a hat and she asks, "Do you like my hat?" And the other dog always says, "No, I do not like your hat." "Good-bye." "Good-bye." Until the very end when she wears a crazy party hat.

Now us three girls are always going around putting things on our heads asking each other, "Do you like my hat?" And until we put three different things on our head and ask at least three times, the answer MUST be, "No, I do not like your hat."

Aren't They Cute?

They love each other. (Notice the preemie pacifier in Grace's mouth. I've been hiding pacies from her except at bedtime and she managed to find this one somewhere. Probably with all the other ones we have lost.)

Vaughn in the Johnny Jump Up, Lincoln in the Walker, Gavin in the Exersaucer

Getting Ready to Go Sledding with Daddy

More Pictures from Caitlin's Birthday

Lucy & Grace

Lucy and Jaden


Caitlin and Susie

Papa's Birthday

Lucy, Gracie and McKenna with Papa

Lucy and McKenna putting on a dress up show for Papa

Went to Burlington to celebrate Papa's birthday on Thursday.

Caitlin's Birthday Party

Happy 2nd Birthday Caitlin!
Caitlin and her "Baby Einstein" Catepillar Cake

Gracie turning out the lights

Lucy Grace and Caitlin enjoying A LOT of chips for lunch

Beautiful little sissy Jaden

4 Sick Kids...Little time to Post

Lucy has a sore throat. Lincoln Gavin and Vaughn all have runny noses and low grade temps. They take turns looking miserable.

Gavin & a cheerio

Bright Eyed Vaughn

Sickly Lincoln

Thursday, January 25, 2007

9 Months




Lincoln - 17 pounds 11 ounces (75th percentile)
Gavin - 19 pounds 1 ounce (90th percentile)
Vaughn - 19 pounds 2 ounces (90th percentile)

They don't seem overweight to me...can't believe how high they are in their weight percentiles!

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Weekend

We had a fun and good-busy weekend. Friday we just stayed home. Saturday we stayed home and cleaned and played with the kids. I made a run to the grocery store. Saturday night Jamie and I helped in Kidzone. Sunday Jamie had to go shovel the walks and parking lot at Calvary. Then we went to church in the morning to attend a Small Group Leadership Training class. Not looking at leading a small group in the near future...but possible next fall? I've very excited about the possibility and have some great ideas I hope people will like and want to be a part of. After church we went to the mall. It amazes me how we can spend 4 HOURS at the mall without doing any shopping. Well...we did make a quick trip into Old Navy and Scheels. But we didn't buy anything. We ate lunch, walked down to playland (stopping at Scheels and Old Navy on the way), bought pretzel bites, and walked back. Somehow that took 4 hours. The girls made some friends at Playland this time. They all played together the whole time we were there. They were hugging, chasing, and tackling each other. It was really cute.

The boys turned 9 months last week. Vaughn is trying to talk like crazy. Lincoln and Gavin are squealing and trying to crawl. All three can sit up on their own if we sit them up, but they can't get into the sitting position on their own. They are starting to consume huge amounts of food...especially Vaughn.

Lucy informed me yesterday that her favorite supper is cream cheese with buddig beef mixed in and spread on crackers. Gracie is starting to become a picky eater like Lucy. Very frustrating.

Work has been so busy ever since our interview on CNBC last month. I feel like I can't get caught up...even if I did work 8 hours!

Jamie took the girls sledding Friday night. They had so much fun!

Tonight there is a "visitation/celebration" for Libby Van Winkle who died last week. Very sad/tragic. It's so strange to really believe that she's not here.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Trouble Sleeping

Having trouble sleeping. My mind is cluttered with very important issues like:

1. How ridiculus Donald Trumps son looks with a comb-over.

2. How amazing a reunion it would be after seeing your child for the first time after he was abducted 4 + years ago.

3. Why do I start my car with my remote start as I'm walking toward my car.

4. How can there be so many last names in the world. When people don't have kids or have just girls their name does not get carried down.

Your Personal Penguin

I LOVE Sandra Boyton books. Moo Baa La La La is one of my favorites. The girls love them too...they have almost every one.

For Lucy's birthday, Aunt Jenna gave Lucy "Your Personal Penguin" by Sandra Boyton. And she downloaded and gave us a cd with the song "Your Personal Penguin" that is sung by Davy Jones of The Monkees (same words that are in the book). Warning: This is a fun and VERY addictive song.

Jenna always comes up with the coolest gift ideas. I'm now stealing her idea and going to buy it for gifts as well. Parker almost got it for his birthday...but I thought it was such a great idea that Jenna probably gave it to him too. Caitlin is definitely getting don't buy it Susan :)

You can hear the song at:

Thanks Aunt Susie

Aunt Susie, Lucy loved the gift card you gave her to Barnes and Noble. We went on Sunday and she bought a baking set. I told her we'd bake a cake when we got home, but she fell asleep on the way home. However, she woke up at 9 pm and was ready to go. I wasn't. I told her she could skip her nap Monday and we'd bake. Well, I had to work a little late and daddy made her take a nap. When I got home I found her asleep with her baking set. So I woke her up and we baked a couple small cakes. We both had so much fun.

A Night At The Museum

Jamie and I went to the movies tonight!! Went to "A Night at the Museum". I really loved it. I love Ben Stiller. And I think the last movie I went to was Happy Feed. So it was a nice change to go to a big people movie. Mom took the girls and Vaughn home for the night. Actually for a couple of nights. I did absolutely nothing all afternoon. Around 5 I got busy and started cleaning house and feeding boys. Then we went to the movies. Came home and did laundry, cleaned and watched American Idol. Also I didn't exercise this afternoon so it's been haunting me all day. So I just finished exercising. The weight loss blog has been helping so much. It's really motivating. I really did not want to go to bed without meeting my exercise goal.

I was surprised that when mom pulled away how lonely I felt. Normally she just takes one of the girls...and there is one left for me to shower with affection. It is a nice break...but I miss them. Gavin and Lincoln got to enjoy the movie with us. They really are such good babies. Only the last 15 minutes did Gavin get a little restless...but other than that, they were both great.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I feel like this isn't done yet...but wanted to share. (By the way, if you push pause and wait for a minute while it won't be choppy.)

You Smell

Last night before Lucy went to bed, we were cuddling together in my bed. She said, "Mommy, you smell like..." and she stopped. I could tell she was searching for the right word. A million words ran through my mind. Poop was the first one. Then I rememered I just drank cranberry juice and thought she may say an apple or fruit or something. Then she said it, "A garbage can."

Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Parker!!

Friday was Parker's 1st Birthday! Happy Birthday cutie!

Parker is the son of Jamie's sister Shawna. He's Shawna & Mark's first baby. They live a few hours we don't get to see Parker often. But he's so darling with his super blonde hair and cute little smile.

For me, it's always the best feeling in the world when my child reaches one. I feel a sense of accomplishment. They are so dependent on you their first year of life that it can be so scary.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Countdown

Gracie is extremely tired right now. She gets crazy funny when she's this tired. Jamie was trying to change her diaper and she wouldn't come to him. So I said "Grace, go to Daddy. One," Grace ran to Jamie and said, "Tu, Free, Spankins!"

Doing the Math

So I was trying to teach Lucy some simple math earlier.

Mommy: "Lucy, if I have three babies that need their diapers changed, and I've already changed one many babies are left that need their diaper changed?"

Lucy: "A lot"

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I've been pretty crabby these past few days. I think I'm making Jamie crabby too. I need to get a better attitude.

I'm Fat! I'm not informing anyone of anything they don't already know...but...I'm excited because my sister and I are blogging our attempt at losing weight. Come encourage us. Or let me know if you want to blog with us and we'll add your name to the people who can blog with us. We're not following any magic program...just each doing our own thing...but encouraging each other along the way.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


The boys got baths last night. Aunt Kimmee came over and gave them each a bath. Or...should I say...they gave her a bath!!

Lucy loves her Espresso cup set that I got her for her birthday. We had to have a tea party again last night.

The double bed is working well. The girls are doing a good job sleeping in it together.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Not Tired

I guess my short nap is preventing me from sleeping. I am just laying in bed with a million thoughts twirling around in my head. I'm so frustrated at my inability to get a grip on my life. We've all heard that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. I feel like I'm failing my family because I'm not planning. I spend my days reacting to every situation that arises rather than proactively steering us in the right direction. I do not even know where to begin. I know that God is the start and the finish. That is all I know. I know that with 5 kids 4 and under...there will be A LOT of reacting. But I'm talking about a general direction. I pray God will give me some answers.

Relaxing Day

Donna, Kim and Steve came and took 4 of our 5 kids today. Gracie was taking a nap and stayed home with us. I got to take a bath, take a nap and watch a movie. It was wonderful. 3-4 hours later we went to their house for dinner and hung out for a couple of hours. Although we did get quite a bit of cleaning done today, it was overall a very relaxing day.

Lucy's Birthday Party

Went to Burlington to celebrate Lucy's birthday with the family. Mazzio's is still be remodeled so we had her party at Happy Joes. Had a great time. Lucy loves her cousin McKenna so much. They have so much fun together. McKenna gave Lucy the book "Your Personal Penguin" by Sandra Boyton. It comes with a music download of a song Davy Jones wrote to go with the book. After the party we listened to the song at Nana's house and the girls danced around the sunroom singing and having so much fun. They are so cute together. The next day, Gracie was reading the book to Gavin...only she was trying to "sing" the words, like in the song. Completely cute!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Car Seats

Jamie called me at work on Friday. The Today Show ran a story on Car Seats. I pulled this from their website: "Consumer Reports tested 12 infant car seats. Of them, 9 performed badly." "The Evenflo Discovery, which flew off its base with the dummy still strapped inside."

We have the Evenflo Discovery. One of the most dreaded times of my day is when I have to load 3 20 pound boys (which feels like 50 pounds when they're in their car seats) into the back bench seat of our van. New Years Eve I loaded them into the van 6 times (and back out 6 more times). So I think...if the seats aren't even safe, maybe I should just chuck them on the floor in the back. Will they really be that much more in danger?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

More Birthday Pics

Lucy got flowers and a balloon from Grandma James.

Had fun at Happy Joes.

Lucy is trying to hide how excited she is that she got ice cream, they honked the horn and are singing happy birthday to her.

Gracie with pizza face on the Merry Go Round.

I AM a Good Mom - I Just Forgot

So...I DID do something for Lucy's birthday...I just forgot about it. We took her and Grace to a Hawkeye Basketball game. Originally she wanted a Herky Hawk birthday I thought she'd enjoy going to the game right before her birthday. She even got to meet Herky (again).

Lucy and Herky

Daddy and Grace

Happy 11th Birthday Austin

Happy Birthday Austin!!! Austin is spending his birthday in Las Vegas where his mom, & my sister Linda, just got married. Austin was born just a few months before Jamie and I got married and came just in time to dance with me at my wedding. I was scheduled to be induced with Lucy 4 years ago today, on Austin's birthday...but she was so excited to meet us that she came a day early. Austin is my first nephew and the first grandchild in our family. He is very loved by all of us.

Ok...funny story...Austin went trick-or-treating with us in 2003. He was a ninja dressed in all black. Austin is very energetic and was running from house to house. All of the sudden we heard him scream. When we caught up with him...he had ran full speed into a tree and was laying on the ground. Seriously...the tree was missing bark where his head hit. We ended up taking him to the emergency room - the knot on his head was HUGE!!!! He sent me a card later with a picture on the front that he had drawn of a tree with a dark circle on it (where he hit his head and the bark was missing). And the card said "You are an affecionate ant." I've had that card hanging on my fridge ever since. One of my most prized possessions.

Austin and Boston

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Yes, my "Hip Hip Hooray" blog jinxed us. The boys slept great on the night of the first, but more than made up for it last night. They didn't sleep AT ALL!! I bet we were in there room at least 10+ times last night. And by we, I mean mostly Jamie. He may be slacking in the "lifting over 5 pound" department, but he more than makes up for it at night! He never complains either.

Go Gracie!

Gracie slept in a big girl bed all night for the first time last night. We didn't think it was possible to get her out of a crib or pack and play. Now I realize that it's not that she needs a "cage", she just needs her OWN bed. Anytime she's sick or can't sleep, we try to bring her to bed with us and she hates it. Lucy is in there sleeping with her in their double bed tonight. We'll see if they can both make it all night. :)

Cousin Rob Talking the Girls into a Disney Cruise!

The Poem

Laura wrote this poem for me and put it in my birthday card.

I think I've lost some memory
since my 5 kids were born.
I don't remember sleeping late
on a lazy Sunday morn.

I don't remember quiet dinners
with candlelight and wine.
Or getting up and ready for work
and making it there on time.

I don't remember summer days
just lounging on the beach.
And those memories of "girls' night out"
are somehow out of reach.

I don't remember long warm baths
with bubbles and a book.
Or my favorite TV program
or a movie worth a look.

I can't remember all those things
I spent time on yesterday.
And I can't remember life
being any other way.

And as I lay them, down at night
and kiss each boy and girl,
I can't remember so much happiness,
such love and joy in my world.

Thank you Laura. I know you spent a lot of time writing this for me. It means so much and is exactly how I feel!!

From 7 to 5

Mom came today and took Lincoln and Gavin...and what seemed like 50 pounds of laundry. I'm trying to decide whether I want to take advantage of being short 2 kids tomorrow by cleaning my house...or by going to a movie and using the Applebees giftcard Andrea gave me for my birthday. Decisions, decisions.

Jackie, Jean and Brad...

came over last night. Jamie and Brad got food. Jackie and Jean fed babies, folded laundry and washed dishes. I frantically tried to widen as many paths as I could. Although I felt like I got a lot accomplished...I looked around and realized I had a long way to go. I keep trying new things hoping to create an organized home that never gets messy because everything will have a place. I know that I'm only lying to myself. I never had that before could I ever think it's possible with 5!!

Congratulations Linda and Ron

Linda and Ron got married in Las Vegas on January first. Mom stood up with her, and Ron had a friend stand up with him. Got to watch the video online. Mom & Mike, Dad, and Jason were able to make it from our side of the family. When Jason sends me some pictures I'll post them.

Congratulations Linda! I love and miss you :)

Happy Birthday Lucy!!

In the midst of the move...I've lost the cable to download my pictures. So no pictures right now of Lucy's special day.

Woke up Lucy singing Happy Birthday (the "You Look Like a Monkey" version. After two loud attempts and severe shaking :0) she finally woke up. We served her a donut with a candle in it on a special "Birthday" plate that I got from the Hospital gift shop.

She went to Debbie's where they had a little party for her. She came home with one of her favorite gifts...a cabbage patch doll baby.

After Debbie's, grandma surprised her with balloons, flowers, and gift cards to Target. Lucy will love picking out her own gifts. How fun.

There were cards and presents in the mail for Lucy from Aunt Shawna and Grammy and Grandpa Mark.

First Aunt Susie and then Grandpa Mark called and sang her "Happy Birthday" over the phone.

Jamie, Grace, Vaughn and I took Lucy to Happy Joes for dinner. (Lincoln and Gavin went home with Grandma). We had pizza, played games and they even honked the horn and sang happy birthday. She loved being sang to. She was trying to hold back a huge smile. She got a cute clown sundae - that was her favorite part.

When we got home, Nana called and sang "Happy Birthday" to Lucy.

Now that she's four she can do all kinds of new things herself. For example...she can use shampoo and conditioner all by herself. She was very excited.

I think she had a good birthday.

Tomorrow she takes treats and will celebrate her birthday at preschool.

Saturday we'll see the rest of the family to celebrate her birthday - Tinkerbell style.

She's my sweet angel and I'm happy - but sad to watch her grow. How can you love anyone more?

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Christmas at Nana & Papa's

Cousin Robby

New Room

We moved our room. We're now in the old "Guest Room". The Guest Room bed is in the girls room. The girls beds are gone. Our King bed had to be replaced with a queen because it didn't fit. Our old bedroom is now being turned into a family closet/storage closet/exercise room. Currently to get to any room in our house you have to follow a path. There are piles everywhere. Jamie hates it when I reorganize.

Hip Hip Hooray

We started the new year off right. All 3 boys slept through the night...we did not have to get up even one time to put a pacifier back in a mouth. Yeah!!

New Year's

Celebrated New Year's Eve at the Nichols. There was one other couple there. We had all the kids. Chris actually decided (and I thought it was a great idea!) to celebrate a New York New Year's Eve. So we ate and played Pit until 11 and then went home and crashed. Slept in until 8. It was nice. We love the Nichols.

My Birthday

Haven't posted since last Wednesday. Life is crazy. People have been asking how my birthday was. Funny...I used to think it couldn't have any worse timing than being two days after Christmas...but since I had Lucy a week later...I'm convinced that NOW it can't be on a worse day of the year.

It started out GREAT! Jamie sent me flowers to favorite - Gerber Daisies. He also sent balloons and had a birthday present at home waiting for me. I was surprised to get a second delivery of flowers to work...a huge bouquet of flowers accompanied with a couple of gifts from one of my dearest friends - I won't mention any names though Andrea. I NEVER get flowers for my birthday - so I about hit the floor when I got called to the Reception Desk twice. My best friend Jenny gave me an Isabel Bloom that I had been wanting for so long. Emma. I thought about naming one of my daughter's Emma just because I love that Bloom so much.

Had I known that Awanas was cancelled...we would have gone out for my birthday. At 5:40 Jamie tells me that he doesn't think they're having AWANAS because of Christmas break. So, instead - we stay home and have one of the most frustrating nights ever. All the kids were fussy. All of them. ALL of them. I was crabby. Jamie was doing the best he could dealing with 5 fussy kids and a crabby wife. I love him so much :)

My 35th birthday came and went. I really find much more joy honoring other people on their birthdays anyway. So...with that said....Lucy's birthday is tomorrow and I've done NOTHING for her. Nothing. :) Kinda funny, huh! She'll never remember it anyway.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

8 Month Pictures





Santa Claus came Saturday night. The girls got a Barbie Jeep. The boys...well...there were a couple bowls and spoons in their stockings. Figure they don't need much. Lucy was about to have a nervous breakdown on Saturday night. She was petrified that Santa Claus was going to eat all our food while we were sleeping. Not just the cookies and milk we left out for him...but all the cookies we made and were planning on taking to Nanas house. The girls were excited to get the jeep...but either they're still just too young...or it's because we don't put tons of presents under the tree and don't focus on Santa much - because they just didn't get it.
Family Dinner. I assume Lincoln will be scarred for life since he was sleeping and wasn't there.

Decorating cookies for Santa.

Girls in their Barbie Jeep.